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Mail Window Jumps to Forefront

I thought my computer was possessed, but with Apple Support we have finally figured out what’s going on. My Mail window keeps jumping to the front of my screen, even though I will be in the middle of using another application. We now think that this is happening when SpamSieve checks for spam & for some reason it reopens the mail program each time it checks. We figured this out when I was told to force quit SpamSieve. Then a minute later, suddenly, my Mail window jumped to the forefront & SpamSieve had reopened even though I had closed it. I have the latest SpamSieve update & am using Mac OS 10.9.3.
Is anyone else having this happen? Any suggestions on how to stop it from happening? It is really annoying & is driving me nuts!

I’ve never heard of this happening before. SpamSieve doesn’t do anything to bring the Mail window to the front.

All that shows is that the Mail window is coming to the front when you receive new mail. Perhaps you have another Mail rule or plug-in that’s doing this.

It’s normal for Mail to launch SpamSieve, if it’s not already running, when there are new messages that need to be filtered.