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mail won't import my EF-exported mbox

I just exported 3 sets of messages from EF for import into Mail.app. 2 of them worked fine. 1 refuses to import (Mail sees 0 messages). I can’t see any difference between the files (apart from the messages, of course), but does anyone have a hint about how to ‘clean’ mbox files or tips for exporting mboxes from EF?


How did you import the message into EagleFiler? EagleFiler doesn’t change the message on the way in, so if you started with a valid message it should still be valid when you export. As to why Mail doesn’t recognize this particular file, I cannot speculate without seeing it.

I imported it from Mail.app using EagleFiler, dropping the mailboxes onto the capture widget. I was able to import the mbox into a trial version of PowerMail and re-export, and got it into Mail.app, so the immediate issue is dealt with. I’d still like to understand what was wrong with the file. I’m not sure if I can send you the mbox, though, as it’s internal communication for the company I work for. Alas.

Although it will usually work with Mac OS X 10.4, importing mailboxes by dropping them on EagleFiler’s Drop Pad is not the recommended way to import mail.

Can you tell me what the differences are between the mbox exported from EagleFiler and the mbox that was processed by PowerMail? Or find a non-sensitive message that exhibits the same behavior?