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mailbox counts

After doing the following:

  1. Import a mailbox (contained ~200 messages)
  2. Delete 150 of them
  3. Merge with another mailbox (contained ~100 messages)
  4. New, merged mailbox claims to contain 300 messages, rather than 150. Opening and visually inspecting would confirm that the count is 150, not 300. I can’t figure out how to fix the message count, though.

Thanks -

The message count shows the number of messages that are in the mailbox file. This includes messages that are hidden by deletion. To completely remove deleted messages, you would need to export the non-deleted messages to create a new, smaller mailbox file.

Got it. May I be so bold as to offer a feature request, something like “purge deleted messages”, or “export in place” or something similar, to make this a 1-step affair?


Yes, adding a mailbox compaction command is on my to-do list.