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MailMate. Your opinion vs Apple Mail?

I’m done with Apple Mail. It crashes continually, it’s slow, essentially it’s crap as far as I’m concerned. Have read a lot of reviews for alternate programs and MailMate seems to get the best reviews. Yes, it’s $50 which seems high for an email app but I’ll happily spend that money if it makes my life easier and more productive.

Michael - since you work so intimately with numerous email programs I’d like to know your thoughts regarding MailMate in general as well as how it interfaces with SpamSieve. Would love to hear other people’s opinions as well.


Personally, I use Apple Mail because I’m used to it and to eat my own dog food, since that’s where most of my customers are. Unfortunately, since Mac OS X 10.9, I have seen increasing slowness, hangs, crashes, etc. If I were going to switch from Apple Mail, it would probably be to MailMate. It has some really innovative features, and from what I’ve heard it is solid. The developer has worked with me to add built-in SpamSieve integration; you can compare the feature support here. The main complaints I’ve heard are that it is IMAP-only (no POP or Exchange), that it’s not designed to handle very large numbers of messages (though there is a way to archive them to EagleFiler), and that it doesn’t really support AppleScript (though some things can be automated in other ways).