Mails missing while importing from Outlook 2011 to Mac Mail


I am using the demo version of the Eaglefiler. It seems to be a good software but i have some problems with importing the mails that i captured from Outlook 2011 to Mac Mail.

For ex, i have approximately 4099 sent items on my Outlook 2011, i can export them to Eaglefiler. When i import them to Mac mail as you instructed, i can only get 2422 mails… I have lost nearly 2000 mails. Why this happens?

I didn’t try to inbox importing yet, but i think the same problem will occur.

Can you please help me and guide me?

Macbook Pro Late 2011 - Mountain Lion 10.8.4
Mac Mail - 6.5
Outlook 2011
Eaglefiler 1.6



How did you get them from Outlook to EagleFiler? Did you use the capture key or some other method?

How many of the messages show up in EagleFiler?

Thank you for your reply.

I just select the messages then press fn+f1 it adds to library.

Eaglefiler shows exact number of messages as outlook 2011.

Great! And I assume you used File ‣ Import Mailboxes in Mail to import the mailbox files?

I suppose you would need to look at the actual messages in Mail to see which ones are “missing,” but here are three possibilities:

  1. Mail encountered some sort of an error while importing. Even if it doesn’t report this to you, the error might show up in the Console log.
  2. Mail will import duplicate messages, but it doesn’t display them or show them in the count. It also has a very loose definition of what counts as a duplicate.
  3. If you had imported individual messages into EagleFiler (stored as .eml files rather than mailboxes), Mail’s mbox import will skip these.

One thing you could do is create a new library in EagleFiler. Then select all the imported messages in Mail and press F1. This will import the messages back into EagleFiler, which will give you an accurate count, and you could see whether that’s the same.

Hi Michael,

Thank you for your fast response.

As you said, i opened Mac Mail, selected the imported 2422 messages then captured with eaglefiler. It just shows 4096 messages!! The correct number!

So what should i do?

Can you please help me?


This shows that the messages correctly transferred to Apple Mail, though it is not showing them all because it thinks many of them are duplicates. You probably don’t need to do anything.

However, if you want to see all the duplicates in Mail, I just found this page, which mentions that you can enter this command in Terminal:

defaults write AlwaysShowDuplicates -bool true

Thank you for the reply.

Well while exporting from Outlook 2011 to eaglefiler i just seperated into 2 parts. One part has 1500 mails but mac mail imported only 135 of them! So over 1300 mail seems to be duplicate?

I want to see all the messages so should i write it on the terminal?

Don’t you encounter with such problems in your imports?

That does seem odd.


I typically export from Mail, rather than importing into it.

By the way thank you for helping me out.

I tried that function in terminal now i can see all 4096 mails on my sent folder. :slight_smile:

I have one more problem. When capturing messages from outlook 2011 to eaglefiler, it told me that 2980 files only has headers, so body is empty… so i can’t export them to eaglefiler.

I just moved them to a folder in desktop then imported to eaglefiler but it didn’t import as mbox format. so i can’t these 2980 eml formatted messages to Mac mail.

What should i do?

Can you please help me?


There’s a known bug in Outlook that prevents it from exporting certain messages (e.g. those imported from Windows Outlook) via AppleScript. However, you can still export the messages (without the metadata that EagleFiler would normally save) by dragging the mail folder (or individual messages) from Outlook to a folder in the Finder.

If you drag a whole folder, you’ll get a mailbox file. If you drag individual messages, you’ll get EML files; you can them use the Merge Message Files command in EagleFiler to combine them into a mailbox file that Apple Mail can read.


Thank you for your reply. I did what you told below, before. I drag the folder that, contains messages that eaglefiler couldn’t import, in outlook to a folder in Finder. Then i imported that mbox file to mail app. But whole 2800 messages are corrupted, strange characters appear…

Any solution for that?


Do the strange characters appear in the message body? The subject? Elsewhere?

Is it Mail that’s showing the strange characters, or EagleFiler, or both?

It would also help if you could export one of the problem messages in EagleFiler and e-mail the file to me as an attachment.

Strange characters appear in message body only, header is normal.

I am not sure eaglefiler shows message body correctly or corrupted. I have to check it again. Also my demo is over :frowning: i opened the app 6 times… so i am not able to use eaglefiler anymore right?

The demo always lasts for at least 30 days. EagleFiler 1.6 was released on August 2, so you should have a few more days, at least.

Well i checked again the corrupted files, both Mail and eaglefiler shows messages as corrupted… But Outlook shows without any problem.

I exported one of them and mailing you now.


The file exported from Outlook is corrupted, so there is a problem with Outlook’s database. When you tried to rebuild Outlook’s database, you got a -18000 error. I would suggest starting a new Outlook database to prevent any of your new mail from being damaged.