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Mailsmith notes

I am evaluating EagleFiler as a possible tool for archiving my Mailsmith e-mail. I cannot find where Mailsmith’s “notes” are stored in EagleFiler. Have these items been stripped away in the import process? If so, can anyone suggest a tool that would preserve these comments? Perhaps not many folks use this part of Mailsmith, but I have 20,000+ messages and probably 500-1000 of them have notes I made about follow-up telephone calls or product orders, or other details that I’d really like to keep in the archive.

Advice anyone?

Yes. Unfortunately, the mbox format (which Mailsmith exports to and EagleFiler and most other mail programs import from) does not support notes. So EagleFiler asks Mailsmith to export the mail, and the notes are gone even before EagleFiler starts importing from the exported file.

I’m not aware of any tools that preserve the Mailsmith notes. I suppose you could transfer them manually—e.g. by importing all the mail, then searching in Mailsmith to find messages with notes, and copying/pasting them into EagleFiler—but that would be a lot of work.

(In case anyone’s wondering, if you’re using Apple Mail and MailTags, EagleFiler is able to import the notes and tags, because MailTags stores these in the .emlx files, which EagleFiler reads directly.)

Starting with version 1.4, EagleFiler preserves notes and other metadata when capturing from Mailsmith.