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MailTags with EF 1.5.5 and OSX Lion

I upgraded to EF 1.5.5 - and now can import my mail again, thank you very much! But whether I capture the message or drag it into EF, my MailTags are not carried over. I am using MailTags 3.0b1384. The being able to bring MailTags over to EF is crucial to my process, as I have a slew of rules to categorize the messages.

Please let me know if this is a bug or if I am doing something wrong.


MailTags are not expected to import into EageFiler if you drag and drop. This is one reason the manual recommends using the capture key.

In my testing with MailTags 3.0 Preview 1(build 1386) and some IMAP messages, the tags do seem to import into EagleFiler via the capture key. Are you trying to import some other kind of message (POP, Exchange, etc.)?

In any case, to troubleshoot this you could create a new mailbox containing just one test message whose tags aren’t importing for you. Look in the folder:


to find the .mbox folder for that mailbox. Then create a ZIP archive of the folder and e-mail it to me.

Michael, it works! The issue appears to have been the version of MailTags beta I was using - build 1384. With 1386 the tags come along with the message.

Here is an interesting usability thing, though. The MailTags tags indeed get transferred with the mail message and are associated with it in EF. If I double click on the message in EF, it is opened through Apple Mail, as it should be. The thing is, the Tags are no longer associated with that message as far as MailTags is concerned (I am referring to the message stored in EF - naturally, the message in Mail still has the MailTags tags intact).

This presents a problem should I respond to the message having launched it from EF, since I have Outbox rules that look for certain tags that are no longer there. I don’t know if that could be addressed (associating all of a Message’s EF tags when it is opened in Mail or some such - though it implies that MailTags are installed). Of course the way around it is not responding to emails from within EF.

As always, thank you for the great turnaround.


EagleFiler does include the tags when sending the message back to Mail, however the current version of MailTags does not look for them. I suggested this as a feature request a while back.

I hope they fix it then, but either way, everything is much more functional right now…

Thanks once again.


I will bring it up with them, as it would be helpful to be able to work with mail messages from within EF. I did notice an interesting thing, though - if I tag an existing email through Leap and then look at the selfsame email in Mail, I see my Leap generated tag in MailTags.

If I tag an email that sits in EF via Leap, I do not see the new tag when I look at the email in EF. It seems that while EF takes in tags from other applications (such as MailTags, and I assume others) when it is imported into EF, once it is in EF I cannot tag it with other software. Is that correct/intended behavior or unintended behavior/bug? There might be situations in which I might want to tag files/records I imported into EF, and it does not seem I can do that (I even tried to tag the email while EF was not open, but it did not work - once I reopened EF the tag from Leap was still absent).



This is because it’s a message file that’s already in Mail. The issue is that MailTags doesn’t read the tags from files that are opened in Mail but not stored in it.

This is the intended behavior, in order to avoid having to constantly scan the files for changed tags and potentially overwrite the valid EagleFiler tags if the OpenMeta tags are lost. However, if you want to propagate tag changes into EagleFiler you can use the Reload OpenMeta Tags script.