Maintain Word formatting through Import?

Is there any way that I can have a Word document retain its formatting once I Import it into EagleFiler? I have hundreds of Word outline files I need to add to EagleFiler, but when I do I lose the formatting.

The only other course of action that I know of is to print it to a PDF format, but that is going to take a very long time and it is an extra step for every subsequent file I create, which are several per week.

Any ideas?


All files remain intact when imported into EagleFiler. The contents of the files don’t change; they’re simply stored inside the library folder rather than outside. EagleFiler displays Word documents using Mac OS X’s built-in text engine (the same one used by TextEdit). This engine can handle the basic Word features, but it’s not a complete clone of Word, so documents that use more advanced features will look different than in Word. This is purely a matter of how the files are displayed in EagleFiler. You can double-click a file in the list to open it in Word, and then it will look normal. Because it can’t handle the full range of Word features, EagleFiler requires that Word documents be edited externally (e.g. using Word or OpenOffice). This protects you from accidentally damaging them by making changes using the less-capable TextEdit engine.

Sorry - I knew that
Sorry - I knew that - it is simply displaying the file as best it can without effecting the file at all. I went braindead late last night. That makes sense and that is how it should be handled.

Another question (unless this ought to be another thread -

Because of the volume of these files and the number I will be producing constantly, is there any way to set a preference to make the Title the same as the Filename at Import, without having to run a script every time? All my Word documents come into EagleFiler with a vertical line as the Title, although the Filename is as it should be.

Sorry, there’s not. You might find it more convenient to use Batch Change to clear the title, though.

Why don’t your Word documents have proper titles? If you can set your preferences in Word to give new documents blank titles, then the Title in EagleFiler will always match the filename.