Make a dmg with more than one file and/or folder

Hi, I didn’t find a way to make a dmg containing more than 1 file, unless they’re put in a folder, typically an app and its Info doc.
Whenever I drop 2 files for instance, DropDMG builds 2 distinct volumes, one for each file. Am I missing something ? Thanks for any clarification.

DropDMG will always generate one output for each input. If you want to group multiple inputs, putting them in a folder is the correct way.

Thank you Michael, I thought that inputing a folder to DropDmg would put the folder itself -not its content- at the top of the hierarchy of the volume.

I think in most cases people want the folder’s content to be at the top level. This is how things have worked for decades with different compression/archiving apps. However, if you want the folder itself to appear at the top level you can do that by putting it inside another folder and dropping that onto DropDMG.

Thank you Michael, could I suggest 2 enhancements:
1- It would be handy to have an option in order to “bless” the volume so that its window opens as soon as it is mounted. This can be done manually using the terminal but in this case the volume should first be built with DropDmg as being Read/Write, then blessed, than converted to reduce its size.
2- An option allowing to segment the dmg by choosing the number of desired segments would also be useful in order to get segments of equal size. Again this can be done manually with HDIUTIL, but would be more handy to choose from within DropDmg.

DropDMG used to have an option for this, but I removed it in DropDMG 3.0 because it was unnecessary—macOS would automatically open the window, anyway. Are you not seeing that when you double-click a .dmg file?

Could you explain more about what you are trying to do here? What is the reason for wanting the sizes to be equal?

1- I’am still under Mojave, and no, the window does not open automatically when I mount the dmg nor when I insert the dvd that is burned after that dmg.

2- I want to burn a dmg that exceeds the size of a single layer DVD. My experience is that if I segment the dmg using the standard DVD file size limit provided by DropDmg (4.69 GB), burning the first DVD is more likely to cause a write error as more of the the last tracks will be used. This is why I think it makes more sense to balance the data burned on the 2 DVDs. Of course I can use any file size limit to avoid that, but it’s probably simpler to cut the dmg in pieces of equal size.

By the way I have another suggestion regarding the text boxes added to the layout : it would be nice to allow changing their attributes, namely Size, Stroke and Color, in order to enhance their appearance depending on the background image used.

I’m not sure what’s going on there, as I am definitely seeing the window auto-open on both Mojave and Ventura, whether or not the auto-open flag is set. One thing you could try is setting DropDMG to use a layout for your disk image. Then it will set the auto-open flag, and you can see whether that makes a difference.

Are you using the Burn contents of disk images option?

That sounds like a hardware problem (either with the drive or disc) to me if the disc has the capacity but you get errors writing to it. In any case, if you’re trying to work around that, it seems like the best thing to do would be to figure out how much you can reliably write and set that as the limit. Then success would not depend on the amount of data that you are imaging.

When you double-click a text box, DropDMG opens the Fonts panel, and you can use that to change the text size, weight, and color.