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Make new text file?

I’m looking about, and I really don’t see anything at all for making a new plain text file directly in the library? Is this really something not possible? I never, never use RTF, but make hundreds of text files a month. At the moment, it looks like the only way to add a new text file to the library is to make it in TextMate or something, and then F1 it after you’ve saved it some place temporary.

Unless I’m missing something!

Eep! I really did search for a prior thread on this, and couldn’t find anything, but upon posting it showed up a very clearly marked thread on making new plain text files. Anyway, sorry for the double. Consider it an emphatic vote! Nice to see it is already considered and on its way.

That thread is here, by the way. Also please note that there are scripts for quickly creating new text files using LaunchBar or Quicksilver.

Oh neat, thanks for the link to the scripts. That will hold me over for now.

EagleFiler 1.4 adds direct support for creating new plain text files.

Fantastic! :slight_smile: Great update in general, Michael.