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Make "show info" window active when called


I am bit puzzled.

I have imported number of e-mails as separate files. Names are meaningless, so now I go to each, get the “show info” window, and change name/description. Option-cmd-I works great to get the “show info” window. However, the window comes up inactive! I need to grab mouse and click on that window - or as I also found out use ctrl-F6 - drop mouse and start typing… I can move around in the window and change description… Then I can close with cmd-w which returns me back to main window, I can select another item with arrows… And repeat many times.

It seems not logical to me that the window comes up inactive. Is this Lion feature of floating windows, EF bug, or is there some philosophy behind this?

Latest EF on LIon.



EagleFiler is following the example of the Finder here. The idea is that you might not want to lose focus on the main browser window; you might want to look at the Info window but not touch anything in it. So if you type Command-Option-I it opens the inspector but doesn’t make it active. If you type Command-I it opens the inspector and does make it active.

Rather than continually opening and closing the window, you might prefer to use Command-Control-Up/Down to go to the previous/next records in the list while the inspector remains frontmost.

Oh thanks… I have not found cmd-I in the menu and so I did not even try it. Stupid me.

Hm, I am trying to move around with the inspector active and cmd arrow up/down does nothing for me. Actually, I take it back, it beeps on me if none of the fields in inspector are selected. If they are selected, it does nothing…

I select one record in the main window (3 available in that folder), do cmd-I to get in inspector, then try to move to another record in the main window with cmd-up/down. Is that correct?

On my MBP, latest Lion, with that sequence nothing happens…



You need to hold Command and Control at the same time. These are the keyboard shortcuts for the Previous Record and Next Record commands in the Go menu.

Great, thanks…

That’s a lot of keyboard commands to find and learn.