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Making sure I import the new files

So I have imported and tagged my files. Now I want to keep track of anything new that needs to be imported. I don’t have the self discipline to import one by one as I receive an email or finish editing a file. Or I could capture anything that might possibly be new and let EF worry about the dupes. Is there a good way to say “find me every file that I’ve created or received since the last time I checked”?

Thanks for your thoughts.

Mail is pretty easy: if you delete the messages in your mail program after importing them into EagleFiler, you’ll know that any messages that you do see in the mail program are not in EagleFiler. You can batch-import whenever it’s convenient.

It’s not necessary to import after editing a file, only when creating a new file. Probably the easiest way to ensure that your new files end up in EagleFiler is to create them from within EagleFiler, using stationery. Another option would be to save new files into the “To Import” folder.

With EagleFiler 1.5 you can use Scan for New Files.