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Manually moving new mail from the Junk Folder to the Spam Folder, must I also train?

Sometimes (for no apparent reason), incoming mail appears in my Junk Mailbox. As I don’t want to open that mail, I have been dragging it to the Spam Folder, and then executing the deleting process.

Does SS thenceforth treat that manually moved mail as Spam (as it did get to the Spam Folder), or is it required that I always go through the “Train As Spam” routine?

This is probably because of a server junk filter. Please see this page.

How is that better than deleting the messages from the Junk mailbox?

Moving messages to the Spam mailbox does not train SpamSieve that they are spam. However, you do not need to train these messages because they did not get through SpamSieve.

How is that better than deleting the messages from the Junk mailbox?

I would have preferred that, but I am unable to delete the miscreant as the Menu Bar Trash icon is grayed out, and I am unable to “activate” it without first clicking/opening the cursed email, though I can drag to the Trash in the Sidebar. Ergo, I drag the bloody email to the Spam Folder. And it is from there that I can delete without first opening the offending email. I had gone that route as I had hoped training would occur.

I now understand why SS is not player in these circumstances. While things are not as I wish, my many thanks for explaining it all.

BTW, it’s not so much that I wanted training per-se, but rather, that I wanted all spam in one place-- for easy deleting.

Could you similarly drag the message to the Trash mailbox?

Yes. Is there an advantage or preferred method?

No, your way is fine, too. I just wanted to make sure that your Trash mailbox works, because if not that would be something that we would need to troubleshoot.

Thanks again, Michael. Your time & expertise are greatly appreciated!