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many spamsieve windows get opened every time I open mailsmith

Specifically statistics, welcome, and help windows open every time I open Mailsmith.

I suspect I haven’t set Spamsieve up thoroughly enough, but I can’t find anything in Preferences to make it quit doing this.

Any help would be most appreciated.

When SpamSieve has not been trained with any messages, it assumes that you are using a fresh installation, so it opens the windows and instructions. Please make sure that you follow the instructions to train SpamSieve from Mailsmith.

Thanks, Michael…

That’s what I assumed, it’s just that I haven’t (knock wood) actually got any spam in this account yet to train it with. This is the first time I’ve set up a mail client at home; webmail’s always been adequate as personal email for me. This is also my first Mac, as of mid-January.

As far as setup goes, I had selected all the good mail and told SpamSieve they’re NOT spam, but it’s still popping up all those windows every time I open Mailsmith. Will it continue to do that until enough spammers find my address that SpamSieve actually thinks it’s needed?

SpamSieve will open the windows at launch until you’ve trained it with at least one spam message and one good message. If you uncheck Quit when mail client quits, SpamSieve will stay open even when Mailsmith is not, and that will prevent it from re-opening the windows (unless you log out of your Mac).

Oh, awesome…thanks so much for your prompt reply, Michael.

That’s kind of what I assumed. The tip about that checkbox is great; I was thinking of just turning off SpamSieve until such time as it’s needed. Honestly I am amazed at how long I’m been spamless…it’s a relatively short and simple address, I thought I’d be inundated by now! Anyway now I know how to set up the dam for when the flood starts. Thanks again.