Mark as read

I cannot get the spam marked as read.
The setting is checked.
Spam is getting caught and put in the spam folder. Ever since the move from the mail plugin to the extension this setting has never worked.

Any pointers would be appreciated…

Mac OS 14.5
Spamsieve 3.0.4 (using extension)
Apple Mail Version 16.0 (3774.600.62)

If you look in the Log window, are there Predicted: Spam entries for the spam messages that were not marked as read? If so, what does the Origin line at the bottom of the window say for those messages?

There are Predicted: Spam entries, for a message not marked, and the Origin line for this message reads “unknown”

I did have the “Rescue Good Messages” script running.

That indicates that they were moved by a script.

Please make sure that the script is set to mark spam messages as read:

property pMarkSpamMessagesRead : true

Setting the script to mark as read cured some, thanks.

I still have some getting through, SpamSieve log shows that some emails are not being filtered. (no predicted entries)
Yet they are in the junk folder.
I have all of apple mails junk filtering off, my IMAP (Zoho mail) junk filtering is disabled, and I have the “Rescue Good Messages” script running.
Either I’m missing something or that apple mail bug has bitten me.
I sure miss the plugin…

Could you explain what you mean by “getting through” if they are in the Junk mailbox?

Do you have any rules set up in Apple Mail? Or are you using Mail on any other Macs?

The plug-in was for messages arriving in the inbox. It did not process messages in the Junk mailbox.