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Marked as Spam still winding up in Spam box

OS10.15.7 Spam Sieve 2.9.43

I don’t know if something changed but email I mark as Spam still goes to Spam folder. Isn’t there a way to have it go to the trash? Also emails I mark as good sometimes go to Spam. Why is that?

Are you asking about what happens to incoming spam messages or what happens when you choose Train as Spam? You can use the Change Settings command to control the latter.

Please see this page.

I mean emails that I previously marked as Spam, when I get another email from the same sender, I want it to go directly to the trash rather than my Spam folder.

Please see this page. Example 1 shows how to move blocklisted messages (which includes messages from senders that you’ve trained as spam) directly to the trash.

Thanks Michael I’ll try that.

Looks like that did it Michael thanks. If i got one more Senior dating site email I was going to go nuts lol!

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