Marking messages from same email as Good over and over

Two primary issues (may be of my own making):

  1. Email from a particular email list that I have been receiving for years now always seems to end up marked as Spam and I need to retrain it every time.

  2. Email to my hotmail email is never scanned. It is retrieved from the same hotmail server.

I just started re-using SS in the past several months, so this may just be part of re-training. However, it is frustrating to need to look at all the spam mail everyday to catch the Good stuff.

Any suggestions on easing this situation are appreciated.

Please use the Save Diagnostic Report command in the Help menu and send me the report file, as described here. It would also help if you could save one of the list messages (in Raw Message Source format and include it as an attachment.

Which app are you using to read that mail account? Are the unscanned messages in your inbox or in another mailbox?

Michael, thanks for the response.

Thanks for the report. It looks to me like the good messages might not be going to Junk because of SpamSieve. I recommend turning off Mail’s built-in junk filter, as described in Step 6.

Thank you for the follow up. I was certain I went through all these steps when I did my setup just a few months ago. But, apparently, the junk mail filtering was still on. I made the suggested changes as have restarted Mail. I look forward to better filtering.