Marking spam as "read" not happening for Gmail but is for university mail

Odd behavior and not a big deal, but:

I have specified “Mark it as Read” in the SpamSieve Apple Mail settings. This is working when spam comes into my university account. But spam coming into my Gmail account is going into the Junk folder but is NOT marked as read. Why is that? Can I get the Gmail spam to be marked as read?

Both mail servers are set to IMAP for remote mail retrieval.
OS 14.3.1; SpamSieve v3.03

Never mind! Obviously this is happening because Gmail is tagging the email as Spam and putting it in the Spam folder as unread spam, and SpamSieve is skipping those since it’s already in the Spam folder.

All I had to was read the manual! Or as they say, RTFM.

Yes, you can set up the rescue script if you want SpamSieve to examine those and mark them as read.