Massive 10x Increase in (Caught) Spam Volume

Have spammers reawakened and set their sights on me? I used to get maybe 5-6 per day, more on Mondays. Now, the past 3-4 months? 50-60 obvious (caught) spam daily!

SpamSieve is catching them, classifying them correctly and moving them to my Mac Junk folder, but I am stunned at the volume. in 10 years of using SpamSieve this is the most I have seen the program filtering for me.
Is anyone else seeing huge increases in spam received?

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Yes, I’ve heard several other reports of that. From what I can tell, it’s not the volume of mail that has changed but that some popular server junk filters are malfunctioning, so some spams that they would have previously caught (and perhaps hidden from you entirely) are now being delivered to the inbox.


Interesting. I have been tweaking a server-side filter (Apache SpamAssassin™) to auto-delete some spam exceeding a configurable “Spam Threshold Level” (instead of using a “spam box” on server"
After a month it was clear these experiments had been useless, so I flipped it back to default settings. It deleted nothing even with an aggressive filter level setting. At least SpamSieve is catching them, but I am deleting 30+ messages every day.

I’ve experienced the same recently - I used to get 5-10 spam messages to my iCloud account each day, now I get almost 200 daily. Thankfully SpamSieve has been working beautifully . . .

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