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Mavericks: Eaglefiler reindexing running always

I’m using EagleFiler 1.6 together with DropBox 2.4.6 sync. After I upgraded from Mountain Lion to Mavericks, the indexing records is run every time I start EagleFile. This takes a lot of time, eats a lot of CPU time, and of course the sync to Dropbox as well. As said, this behaviour is new to Mavericks. Anyone else with the same behaviour?

EagleFiler has always checked all the records at startup to make sure that the index is up-to-date. If the records haven’t actually changed, this should be very quick. The difference with Mavericks is that setting the tags (so that they are visible to other apps) marks the files as updated, which will cause all the files to actually need reindexing (and updating in Dropbox). Once this is done, the index check should be fast again (unless you modify or retag the files).

Have you let the indexing process complete normally? Were any errors reported?

Dear Michael,

It looks like EagleFiler’s index is not up-to-date, so even after the reindex is finished and the app is closed, it reindexes again at the next startup.

I did not change any file, I awaited the Dopbox sync to finish, but no luck… (see attachment: Dropbox Sync Error.png)

There seems to be a problem within Dropbox 2.4.6, so I installed the test build 2.5.34. While the sync finished now, after starting EagleFiler the reindex occurred again.

Which version of the Dropbox software do you use?

So far, nothing problematic within the console.log:
11/07/2013 17:34:36,008 WindowServer[93]: disable_update_timeout: UI updates were forcibly disabled by application “EagleFiler” for over 1.00 seconds. Server has re-enabled them.
11/07/2013 17:34:36,408 WindowServer[93]: common_reenable_update: UI updates were finally reenabled by application “EagleFiler” after 1.40 seconds (server forcibly re-enabled them after 1.00 seconds)
11/07/2013 17:34:43,350 WindowServer[93]: _CGXSetWindowBackgroundBlurRadius: Invalid window 0xffffffff
11/07/2013 17:36:56,000 kernel[0]: fsevents: watcher dbfseventsd (pid: 1974) - Using /dev/fsevents directly is unsupported. Migrate to FSEventsFramework

Does this still occur if you pause Dropbox syncing?

I don’t see an attachment in your post.

I’ve been using Dropbox 2.4.6.

Yes, I paused Dropbox, then let the reindex run, closed EagleFiler and reopened it.

Sorry, I attached it now.

OK, that was the first one I used.

Dropbox Sync Error.png

Please contact me via e-mail, and I will get you a debug version of EagleFiler so that we can look at what’s going on with the indexing. (Or you could rebuild the index, which would help if the problem is a damaged index file.)

Thanks. I guess you would need to check with Dropbox (or its log) for why it can’t upload that folder. It looks like it’s just a folder of temporary files, though, so I don’t think it really needs to be in Dropbox.

Also have issue with indexing on every launch (But I am not using DropBox)


I also have this issue of EagleFiler indexing records every time the program is launched. I actually tried to post this a few days ago, but I lost all the text when my secession timed out . . .

The first time after installing Mavericks, the indexing took about 10 hours. Now, it takes between 60 and 90 minutes with efindextool running one or two instances with 95+ %CPU.

One possible connection: I am seeing Spotlight running an index on my SSD everyday. Maybe this is triggering EagleFiler to index?

EagleFiler 1.6
Hardware Overview:

Model Name: MacBook Air
Model Identifier: MacBookAir6,1
Processor Name: Intel Core i7
Processor Speed: 1.7 GHz
Number of Processors: 1
Total Number of Cores: 2
L2 Cache (per Core): 256 KB
L3 Cache: 4 MB
Memory: 8 GB
Boot ROM Version: MBA61.0099.B04
SMC Version (system): 2.12f135

Oh and (this is humorous to me) EagleFiler is using 199.8 Energy Impact Units!!!

Could you please contact me via e-mail as well? Also, does the problem occur if you create a new library with a single RTF file?

Additional information
I upgraded to Dropbox 2.4.7. As soon as I sync with Dropbox, the next time I start Eaglefiler it starts to reindex again. If I pause Dropbox now, the indexing process will start too. While I still pause Dropbox and restart Eaglefiler (of course I waited for the reindex to finish) it will reindex again. The only thing which works as long as Dropbox sync is paused, is to rebuild the index. Then the next time I start Eaglefiler the index is fine. As soon as I start to sync again, the reindex process is run again. Even pausing Dropbox will not stop the reindexing at every startup of Eaglefiler, so it seems that the reindex process destroys the index. While the reindex is not notable for small libraries, it takes a long time for larger ones. In my case its a library with 3.9GBytes (> 7000 records), for more than 20 minutes the fans of my MacBook Pro are running at high speed.

I wonder, why it works for you. Could it be the size of the library?

I’m still unsure if this is a Dropbox issue.

Thanks again for your good work and customer support!



I’m working on a beta version of EagleFiler to help diagnose what’s happening here. I expect to have it ready today. Thanks for your patience.

The library size shouldn’t matter.

I upgraded to Mavericks last weekend and Eaglefiler is indexing like crazy. I left the computer on for the last 4 days and EF continues to index sets and sets of records. Each set takes several hours (> 5 hours) to run. I paused Dropbox this morning.

Please contact me via e-mail so that I can get you a debug build of EagleFiler to help figure out what’s happening here. Does pausing Dropbox make a difference?

Here are some updates on the different cases in this thread:

TSchaertel sent some extended logging info. It looks like something is changing the modification dates of his folders, and this is causing EagleFiler to think they need to be reindexed. I am looking into adding an optimization to make this faster.

I did not hear back from junkmail.

norse e-mailed to say that turning off Dropbox did not help. So I think he’s seeing a different issue. I’ve asked him to send some extended logging info to determine what’s happening.

Indexing all the time (without using dropbox)
Dear Michael,

I am sorry to report I am experiencing the same trouble with EagleFiler indexing and reindexing and indexing again since the Mavericks Upgrade.
I just came on the forum to check precisely this.

This seems to happen each time I reopen my laptop after sleep and also when reopening opening a closed library. Everything is slowed down by this extensive cpu usage for many to tens of minutes.

Most most annoying.

Thank you for your help


Please contact me via e-mail so that I can get you a debug build of EagleFiler to help figure out what’s happening here.

EagleFiler 1.6.1 includes some changes to make indexing more efficient.

The How does indexing in EagleFiler work? page contains lots of information about EagleFiler’s indexing and how you can troubleshoot if it’s slow or isn’t finding the records that you expect.