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Mavericks Mail Update with SpamSieve 2.9.11 - "good" in spam and not running training

I’ve updated with all Apple Mavericks software updates, installed SpamSieve 2.9.11, and restarted the machine.

Since updating (yesterday afternoon as of Mail Update) my SpamSieve is malfunctioning in 2 ways :

  1. a very large amount of Good emails are showing up in the Spam folder (nearly all in fact)
    • for instance I just sent a message from myself to myself which should clearly be allowed to the Inbox but it ended up in Spam (I just checked the log file and noticed that this test email is not listed in the log file at all, maybe the connection between the Mail Rule and SpamSieve is malfunctioning … fyi)
  2. the “remote” training script is no longer running at all

I ran the script manually using Apple Script Editor and it appeared to have moved my Train as Good messages to the Inbox as expected. New messages coming in did not appear to run the script as expected however.

I checked the log file and I’m really not sure how to use it to troubleshoot as it shows the result of the evaluation on individual messages but doesn’t indicate any errors in the actual running of the app.

Please advise.

If the message is not in the log file, that probably means that SpamSieve’s plug-in is not installed.

Is that rule above or below the “SpamSieve” rule?


I quit Mail just now and ran the Install Apple Mail plugin menu item from SpamSieve. It replied that the plugin was already installed. I restarted Mail and the problem is still there.

The training script “rule” is below the SpamSieve rule as it always was, fyi.

Any other ideas ?



Ok, seems to be working now. The only change I made was upgrading the Mail app on another machine which access that account via IMAP.

Thanks !