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Max capture at one time from Entourage

Ok, I have a user that has a 20GB Entourage Database. I think your product may help trim down her database. My plan is to do an advanced search and select everything that was created from before 2008 and do a massive batch capture. I want to do it all in one swoop to avoid creating duplicate mailbox folders in Eagle Filer. My question is can Eagle Filer handle a process like this? Can I do a 15GB capture all at once?

I haven’t tried capturing 15 GB from Entourage at once, but I would expect it to work. Please note that if you do several captures and end up with duplicate mailboxes in EagleFiler, you can use the Merge Mailboxes command to combine them.

Just did about 6 GB at once without to much difficulty. Now I just wish that I could find some working scripts that would automate the process of archiving to EF and deleting from Entourage.

I’m not sure I understand what you want. Can’t you just press F1 to import and then, when it’s done, press Delete? Or are you trying to do this automatically on a schedule?