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May EF, in 10.4/Tiger, use .eml files instead of .emlx?

Hello, it seems that EF will only use .emlx files for mbox support in 10.4, and not .eml as in 10.5, correct?

The reason why I ask is I’m trying to use a specific 10.4 MAC, with Entourage 2008 and EF (1.4.11), and .emlx will only open in MAC Mail and not in 2008 Entourage as needed. Also, I’m exporting from Entourage 2008 in the hopes of making my main Entourage identity smaller, and I would like EF to go back into Entourage when my archive is built around a 10.4 OS.

Any tips to address this on the MAC OS itself or in EF? Can EF be forced to make eml files instead of emlx on 10.4?

I understand that emlx is a proprietary format for MAC 10.4 and MAC Mail, but is there a workaround?

A similar problem, maybe only in nature, was posted here: http://c-command.com/forums/showthread.php?p=8320#post8320

I have the obvious stuff covered, like, associating mbox, eml, emlx files with Entourage 2008 on the 10.4 MAC. The mbox and emlx files don’t do anything when associated with Entourage 2008, since the association doesn’t seem to stick. O

Now Entourage 2008 is happy when eml files are used, and I’ve only been able to make EF work well from another 10.5 MAC I cannot use in an almost similar hoped setup.

Thanks, any help would be cool to get a 10.4 box to work with EF, 10.4, and Entourage 2008.

Correct. EagleFiler generates .emlx files on Mac OS X 10.4 because 10.4 does not (except via Entourage) support .eml files. There is currently no way to change this.

EagleFiler 1.4.12 lets you choose whether to use .eml or .emlx on Mac OS X 10.4.