Meanings of Spam Message Colors in Apple Mail

I would like to have many more of my Spam messages auto-deleted- the iCloud spam is an epidemic since a few months ago. What is the old “blue” score? The 0-100 scale is not useful if there is no way of knowing what the spam score is. Thanks.

A blue background color corresponds to a score of 99–100, meaning that SpamSieve thought the message was spam because it matched the blocklist or because that exact message had been trained as spam.

You can hold the cursor over each color well in the Settings window to see in the tooltip which score range it corresponds to.

The scores are also documented here (which is where the Message Colors help link goes).

You can see in the Log window which score each message was assigned.

I have configured the filtering to move the messages to the Trash if the score is at least 90. According to the Log and the color coding the messages are in fact 90 or above but still end up in the iCloud Junk folder. Great that they are there- but I would like them to auto-delete without even looking at them. Do you have guidance on achieving this? Thank you.

What does the Origin in the log entry say? Maybe those messages were processed by an outside script rather than by SpamSieve itself.

iCloud (IMAP) ‣ Junk in Mail 16.0 (SpamSieve menu)

That looks like you manually applied SpamSieve (Filter Messages) to the message after it was already in Junk. Is there an earlier Predicted: Spam log entry for the message?

Thanks for your help on this- this morning I am getting the same ridiculous iCloud spam but it is not in the SpamSieve log- so… it’s being processed by Apple Mail to go to junk? I think I have the settings configured to not have Apple Mail go to Junk- is there something I can check?

The Apple Mail client junk filter can/should be turned off in Mail’s settings:

However, iCloud accounts also have an Apple server junk filter that can’t be turned off. You can optionally set up a SpamSieve script to re-filter the messages caught by the server filter, and you can set it to move certain colors to the trash.