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Mechanically, how do I reset the capture key

The interface for changing the capture key says “Press a function key or key combination to change the capture key.” The former works, but I don’t understand the latter. Am I supposed to be able to do something like press the c and k keys simultaneously and have the Capture Key item become c-k ? Or something analogous? Unfortunately, Apple uses some of the higher-number function keys already (e.g., for Expose) and Mellel uses the lower-level keys for convenient shortcut formatting. I may be able to use F8 without causing trouble with either the Mac or Mellel, but I wonder whether there are other good possibilities to use for the capture key and, if so, how to enter them in the Capture Key field.

P.S., I use a small Alumiinum keyboard; in System Preferences I have clicked the box so that I don’t have to hold down the function key for this type of thing.

No, a key combination involves one or more modifier keys and one normal key, e.g. Command-Control-C.

How about F6? Or Control-F1?

Thanks Michael. I’ll have to do some experimentation, but either might work.