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Mellel Files and Quicklook

I have many Mellel files, which are now available in EF via Quicklook.

But one thing that stumps me is how to make the display large enough to read (aside from Command-Y and going into Quicklook mode).

For whatever reason–you, Michael probably know why–Together and Dthink both display Mellel files significantly larger than does EF. In those apps I can actually read the files.

In EF I can’t find a way to ‘zoom’ the image. Is there one?

(Of course it’s very handy to be able to read without the extra step of invoking Quickook itself.)

Similarly, it seems to be impossible to see more than the first page. (Again, without invoking Quicklook itself.) Is this right, or have I missed something?

Any chance of using the PDF-viewing mechanism on Mellel files?


On my Mac, EagleFiler displays the Quick Look thumbnail so that the first page is scaled to fit the height (or width) of the viewer pane. There is currently no way to zoom (that often doesn’t make sense for thumbnails), but the text should be readable if you can make the window large enough.

Apple provides an API for third-party applications to access Quick Look thumbnails, which are basically images of the first page of the document. There is no such API for accessing the PDF-like multi-page Quick Look previews. If you see non-Apple applications doing that, they must be relying on unsupported private APIs.

Thank you for your quick reply, Michael.

It’s true that if I increase the height of the window the thumbnail gets bigger. But even if I increase it as much as is possible, I still can’t read the file.

Too bad.

I guess those other apps have produced their own viewers, or whatever the right term is, since they are able to scroll through Mellel files as well as display them in readable form. Alas.