Menu bar does NOT show

I have the option checked; lots of room in the menu bar, -Just updated to 14.2.1 -on a MacMini (M1) 2021 vintage. Menu bar Icon does NOT show! ?what to do? (SS 3.0.3) set up properly turrns on & off with Mail…

Do you see the icon in any app? Are you using any menu bar utilities such as Bartender?

Please see What If I Don’t See the SpamSieve Menu Bar Icon? instructions:

First, make sure that Show menu bar icon is checked. If there isn’t enough space to show the SpamSieve menu bar icon:

  • You can remove other menu bar icons to make more space by Command-dragging them off the menu bar.
  • If you can see the SpamSieve menu bar icon in some applications but not others, you can give it priority by holding down the Command key and dragging it towards the right edge of the menu bar. That will ensure that it’s visible in Apple Mail or Outlook where you need to access it.
  • You can still train SpamSieve from its Dock menu by clicking and holding on the Dock icon.
  • You can still train SpamSieve using the keyboard shortcuts Command-Control-S (for Train as Spam) and Command-Control-G (for Train as Good).