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Merge single email file with mbox file

One of the functions that I use Eaglefiler for is to periodically archive mail. In general, my procedure is to capture a bunch of emails in an Apple Mail folder, one folder at a time. In Eaglefiler, I then merge the new mbox file with the corresponding older mbox from prior archiving.

For the most part, that works. But, sometimes there is only a single email that needs to be captured and merged with the older mbox file. The problem I’m having is that by default, single emails get captured as eml files, and I haven’t figured out how to merge an eml file with an mbox file or alternatively, how to capture a single email file as an mbox file rather than eml.

I understand that if I have two eml files in Eaglefiler, I can merge those two files to get an mbox file, but I don’t have two eml files to do that. The merge mailbox/messages menu option is grayed out when I select the mixture of an eml file with an mbox file.

Is there a way to archive a single email message from Apple Mail and merge it into an existing mbox file?


Not currently, but you could use the ImportLoneMessageAsMailbox esoteric preference so that your single e-mail is imported as a mailbox and then use the Merge Mailboxes command.

Thank you Michael!

I changed the esoteric preference to ImportLoneMessageAsMailbox and now I can merge messages just as I want.