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Merge SpamSieve RuleBases from two Macs

I run SpamSieve on my imac at home, but also travel with a macpro (sometimes for 2-3wks)
The internet at home can be flakey, so while that would be the preferred “always on spamsieve”, its often not connected to the internet
So i fire it up on the laptop, using a (sorta recent, manually saved tarball of “Library/Application Support/SpamSieve/” and “Library/Preferences/com.c-command.SpamSieve.plist”)

inevitably i mess up and train good/spam on both, so now my rule bases have drifted in divergent directions. doh! bad paul!!

a). i’d happily pay another 50 bucks if you’d manage the rulebases in icloud storage so it “just works”. perhaps other would too.
b). I’d be happy to collaborate on a shell script/python that basically “UNION-ed” two such tarballs, and produces the superset that one could distribute to both macs. That seems like a bit of work to grok the binary formats of the various files in “Library/Application Support/SpamSieve/”

(what i do now when its drifted too far is declare bankruptcy, elect a winner, and shares its data back to the loser. any changes made from the loser lost - not the end of the world)


The current file formats don’t store enough data to be able to do an intelligent merge/union, so it’s not just a matter of groking the binary format. I’m working towards improving this and adding real syncing in a future version. For now, picking a winner is fine so long as you have auto-training turned off on both Macs.

OK, thanks for the info; looking forward to the syncing version