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Merging email results in text file


Using 1.6.5 and having numerous experiences where merging emails results in a text file. Saw this previous post but I am still experiencing it. If I do not undo right away, is there a way to revert back to the emails? Is there a different way to merge?


I’ve not seen that problem before. Would it be possible for you to send some of the problem files to me via e-mail so that I can see where the problem is?

If you don’t undo, the original files will still be in the trash, so you could just drag them out.


I have the same problem. Just found it out and wonder what the status is. What is it, Michael, you need to find solution for this? I am sending you three files via e-mail. Two source mailboxes and resulting text file. All in one zip file.

Thanks for sending the files. I have not heard back from ZeppoVA, but assuming it’s the same issue, the bug is a regression that was introduced in EagleFiler 1.6.5 when improving support for Markdown files. I expect to have a fix ready soon and will post here at that time.

Same issue when merging folders

Dear Mr Tsai,

just to confirm the similar problem. I have been usually adding emails to monthly folders in my 2013 and 2014 emails storages (1.6.4, 1.6.3), but tonight I updated to 1.6.5 and when I was trying to merge two boxes (one with the emails of a month and another just created with two emails) I have as result a text file.

I’ll be glad to know when this issue is fixed/solved.

Thanks in advance,
Raul Calin

Same issue when merging folders
Dear Mr. Tsai,

just to confirm a similar problem which never happened with previous versions. Tonight i just did the upgrade to 1.6.5 and when trying to merge a folder with 1433 messages with another folder with 2 messages, I got a txt file instead of a folder.

Glad to know once the issue will be fixed/solved.

Thanks in advance,
Raul Calin

Please see this thread for how you can join the public beta of EagleFiler to get this fix now.

This is fixed in EagleFiler 1.6.6.