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"Message does not exist" error issues

Running current version of SpamSieve as a drone on a circa 2011 Mac Mini (MacOS 10.13.2).

From time to time I see an error message from SpamSieve that contains the text “Message does not exist”. (It’s a long message in a modal dialog.) The modal dialog stops SpamSieve, as far as I can tell, since I start seeing spam messages in my InBox on my other machines. After I log into the drone and click through the dialog (“OK”), it appears that Mail and/or SpamSieve are in an unknown state - spam messages do not appear to get processed. Quitting and re-starting Mail (and, therefore, SpamSieve) works fine, but Mail and/or SpamSieve still seem to be confused - spam messages not processed. After a reboot of the drone machine, things work fine.

I believe that I may be the one stimulating the “message does not exist” message by accessing and deleting a message that SpamSieve is trying to process - when doing so I’m on another machine (iPhone, laptop, etc.).

Would appreciate any guidance you can offer on how I can/should deal with this. I travel a lot, and having the drone unstable in this manner is a concern for me and my family.

My guess is that the error message is coming from the drone script (being run by Mail), since SpamSieve itself doesn’t access any messages. Could you make sure that you are using the latest version of the Remote Training script? Recent versions of the script should log errors to Console rather than reporting them via a dialog.

First of all, thanks for you quick response! I deeply appreciate how dedicated you are to this work, Michael.

I am out of town for the next couple of weeks. When I’m back there I will update the Remote Training script and then report back.

5 Feb 2018 - Simply by way of an update, I have updated the Remote Training Script to the 1/1/18 file (I’m still running 2.2.29 SpamSieve). Up and running - will monitor system for any ensuing or continuing weirdness. So far, nothing odd in the SpamSieve Console Log or on screen.

Now running on 2.2.30 for past couple of days. System appears to be stable and reliable (though persistent creeping memory consumption in both Mail and SpamSieve push me to restart Mail / SpamSieve every few days).

I will update this topic if I ever see that particular error message again. For now, if not “solved” by the new Remote Training Script, then the issue is at least dormant!

One last comment - when Mail cannot move a message (due to mailbox full error from server), that modal message stops Mail and SpamSieve until / unless I can click through that error dialogue. Sounds like this is beyond the scope of SpamSieve to deal with, so I’m not reporting this as an error or a bug, just behavior.