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Messages are missed completely. Any reason?

My email provide has the annoying habit of prepending email messages it deems Span with [Suspected Junk Mail]. They have done so for years, but as of 6th of April SpamSieve ignores them… Any particular reason?


I’m not sure exactly what you mean by “missed” and “ignored.” What are you expecting to happen? Do you want SpamSieve to always treat the server’s suspected messages as spam even if it doesn’t agree?

The folder is one of the folders being monitored by SpamSieve (I am the one deciding what is spam), and it has done so for years. But as of April 6 it seems to have stopped doing that. I see valid email in it that used to be put in my Inbox, but anymore…

Hope that explains it

So you’re talking about a non-inbox folder, and you want SpamSieve to move the good messages out of it? Are you using the Apple Mail - Server Junk Mailbox script?

Thanks for reminding me. I figured it out! I still don’t understand as I haven’t been in the Preferences of Apple Mail in ages, but I did notice it would uncheck the Server Junk Mailbox Script for some reason. Though I never figured out why! And of course it was unchecked once again.

I will be updating the script as mine is from 2016…