Messages from even going to SPAM

And this is not the first time. I’ve marked them good many times.

v3 in Trial Mode

As that address is on the default allowlist, plus you’ve trained it, I think the only way SpamSieve would do this as a mistake would be if you had turned off the allowlist or trained messages from the forum as spam. You can check the Log window to see whether it says that SpamSieve predicted these messages as spam. Most likely, the messages are going to Junk because of Apple Mail’s junk filter (if it’s not turned off) or a server junk filter.

Apple Mail’s Junk filter is off.

SpamSieve is happy

Server settings

Headers-couldn’t send them, but only statement about spam was "X-Spam-Flag: NO”

And the following from the last couple of hours

Since the log only says Trained: Good (Manual), and Apple Mail’s filter is off, that means they were moved to Junk by the server filter (unless you have another Mac involved). You could either set the server filter to Off or add certain addresses as Safe Senders. Or set up SpamSieve to rescue good messages out of Junk.

Thanks. I’ll do that (actually I’m going to change to Low and see if that is enough or I could add email to safe list). is the only email address that ends up in SPAM that shouldn’t be there.

Other than from my brother but that is going to an iCloud address, something about his peoplepc account that didn’t like email from my 1and1 account so I send from iCloud. And so it goes