Messages get mixed in wrong folders/accounts

Hi, I have been using spamsieve for years with full satisfaction. However, after the last update, all my emails (some 80,000) went all in the Spam folder! I understood that this version (3.0.2) works differently, and I deleted to « spam old rule » in mail. It’s been now 2 days that I am applying « train as good/bad » in bulk, but messages get mixed in folders and accounts they don’t belong to. It is truly a mess. And this is also affecting mail boxes in my mobile phone. What can I do??? Please advise.

Thank you

Mail app
MacBookPro M1 Pro
MacOS Sonoma

On macOS Sonoma, SpamSieve never moves messages to the Spam mailbox. It only uses Junk and Trash.

If you have an old SpamSieve Mail rule targeting the Spam mailbox, the rule will move every message to Spam because Mail doesn’t load the SpamSieve plug-in on Sonoma. To prevent this, SpamSieve will ask Mail to turn off any such rule (but this may not work if SpamSieve doesn’t have access to control Mail), and the first time you launch SpamSieve on Sonoma it will also ask you to remove the old rule. If you don’t do this, all new incoming messages will move to Spam. Old messages would only go to Spam if you told Mail to Apply Rules or if you edited another rule and Mail asked if you wanted to apply the rules to the current messages and you clicked Apply.

Anyway, now that the messages are in Spam:

  • You do not need to train them as good because they were not moved by SpamSieve and are not SpamSieve mistakes.

  • You should delete the old SpamSieve rule in Mail ‣ Settings ‣ Rules to prevent new messages from being moved there.