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Messages I mark as Spam not being moved

I am using Apple Mail, not Postbox, but I’m having the same problem. SpamSieve catches and moves new mail, but when I mark one that it missed, it’s not being moved (it does get marked correctly, just not moved). My email accounts are all imap based.

Please make sure that you have a mailbox called “Spam” (the capitalization is important) at the top level of “On My Mac”.

Thank you Michael. However, despite having checked the spelling of the Spam mailbox, which is located at the top level of ‘On My Mac’, SS still refuses to move messages there when I manually mark them as Spam. Also, the reverse is true, in that they are not being moved out of the Spam mailbox when I manually mark them as ‘good’.

I would also like to know if SpamSieve can move messages from imap-based spam boxes into my local Spam Folder. Right now, I have several imap accounts that each have a spam mailbox. I’d like ALL my spam to go to one spam box for review. Can SpamSieve do this? I hope so!

How are you manually marking the messages as spam? And when you say that the messages are marked correctly, what, specifically, are you referring to?

Is this a new problem, or has it been like this since you first installed SpamSieve?

That’s not possible because messages that arrive in an IMAP mailbox other than the inbox are not seen as “new” by Apple Mail. So it doesn’t apply the rules to them, and SpamSieve doesn’t see them.

However, you may be able to make the messages appear in one mailbox, by enabling Mail’s junk mail filter using these instructions and using Mail’s “Mailbox > Use This Mailbox For > Junk” command on each of the Spam mailboxes.

This is a new problem, and it began when I switched my accounts from POP to IMAP. I am using SpamSieve’s keyboard command from within Mail (Train as Good) to mark the messages manually when they get misidentified as spam. Re: getting marked correctly, when I use the Train as Good command (from within Mail) it removes the colour coding, but does not move the message back to the appropriate inbox (ie: I have about 9 accounts I check here at work)

Thanks for the advice on unifying the Spam mailbox, I’ll try it out.

Could you post (or e-mail) a screenshot of what the Mail window looks like when you train a message as good?

When you train a message as spam, does the color change?

Do you see any errors from Mail or SpamSieve in the All Messages section of the Console application?