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Messages in SaneLater Not Moved to Spam Mailbox

This thread seems to closely detail my problem but no solution seems to be listed.

I use SaneLater with my Apple iCloud email address. On my MacPro I’m running 10.9.4 with Apple Mail 7.3.

Emails are correctly going into my @SaneLater folder and being marked as Spam but they then not automatically moving to my Spam folder (Location: On My Mac).

When I look in the Spam folder a duplicate message is also listed there.

If I manually then run my ‘rules’ the messages moves from @SaneLater and only exists in the Spam folder.

I’d love for this to all happen automatically.

I noted the above suggestion about renaming the spam folder but in iCloud my folder is name ‘Junk’

This page may help. Also, what is the modification date listed inside your SaneBox script?

You can still create a server mailbox called Spam, even if you have another one called Junk.

Thanks for replying.

Thanks for detailing the help page - I doubled checked everything and all seems to be in order.

Details from my script:

– Downloaded From: http://c-command.com/scripts/spamsieve/apple-mail-sanebox
– Last Modified: 2014-08-29

I thought the suggestion on this fix was to remove a folder on the server called Spam so the script ran directly to the Spam folder on your computer?

That’s good.

No. I suggest using a server mailbox if Mail is having trouble moving the messages to the local one.

Ok, will try that. I run SS on my MacPro and MacBook Pro. I was thinking of tweaking the settings so my MacPro became the holder of the main Corpus.

As per the drone outline here > http://c-command.com/spamsieve/help/setting-up-a-spam-filter

Would this help everything all round? Including moving the issue of moving Spam from SaneLater?


I don’t think it would really make a difference either way. The drone script and SaneBox script don’t interact.

Thanks for all your help on this Michael.

I have been looking in more detail at my set up and wanted to double check a few things with you.

I run 2 email addresses from mail.app. One is IMAP account that uses my own domain. The other is an iCloud email. At the moment both accounts use Spam Sieve to send spam to a Spam folder on my computer.

I don’t use SaneLater on my own domain account only the iCloud one.

Spam Sieve works absolutely fine on my own domain account, emails are moved to a Spam folder on my computer and I don’t see any spam messages.

As detailed, my problem is moving spam messages from the SaneLater folder to the Spam folder.

With all this in mind, I assume by creating Spam folder server side (as suggested) I am doing this only in my iCloud account? And I keep a Spam folder on my computer for my other email account?

How will Spam Sieve know which folder to placed Spam in?


Yes, you could do that.

Please see Separate Spam Mailboxes for Each Account.