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Messages in the Spam folder to trash

How long it will take that the messages in the Spam folder go to the trash?

Normally, SpamSieve does not delete the messages in the Spam mailbox. If you want them to be automatically deleted, please see this page. There is also a script for quickly deleting all the spam.

I followed the instructions 4.3 Automatically Deleting Old Spam Messsages from the SpamSieve Manual. However the description under 2 is not the same as on my Macbook in the program Mail. In order to be sure that I everything has filled out I send you two print screens of the Mail preference under Junk. I am so sorry that it is not in English and I hope that you inspite understand what I mean.

Schermafbeelding 2015-12-22 om 15.03.30.png

Schermafbeelding 2015-12-22 om 15.03.11.png

I think you probably want to change the first pop-up menu from “Bericht is ongewenste reclame” to “Bericht is gericht aan mijn volledige naam”. The two conditions are supposed to be the same except that one has the word “not” (“niet”?).

Thank you, now I have notified “Bericht is gericht aan mijn volledige naam” and “Bericht is niet gericht aan mijn volledige naam”