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Messages keep moving back to Spam mailbox

I am having maybe a similar problem - I’ve used Spamsieve for years, but over the last 24h it moves all my mail to the Spam folder - training the “good” messages momentarily moves them to the in box, then immediately back into spam. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the the Mail plug in (on Applemail 14.0 on an M1 MacBook) authorised the plugin in mail preferences etc and it has not fixed the issue. About to turn off spam sieve and use mail’s filters…

This sounds like a different issue to me. If every message is going to the Spam mailbox, that usually indicates a setup problem. For example, if the rule name is misspelled, Mail will move every message to Spam without consulting SpamSieve.

Mail only auto-applies the SpamSieve rule to new messages in the inbox, not to old messages that you’ve trained/moved to the inbox. So if old messages aren’t sticking in the inbox, that could be due to:

  • A Mail database or mail server issue that prevents messages from being moved in general.
  • A rule on another Mac or device that’s seeing the messages in the inbox as new and moving them.

Thanks for the quick response Michael - I hadn’t changed any settings since getting SpamSieve set up on the MacBook a few months go - it literally changed overnight. I have uninstalled the plug-in, disabled all rules (there was only the one, for SpamSieve) and Mail is still putting everything in the spam folder! I’ve checked via the web interface and Outlook appears not to have changed any junk mail settings - about to to a restart of the laptop,

If all the rules are disabled, it’s not Mail on this Mac moving the messages. It would either be caused by another Mac or a server junk filter that’s moving the messages.