Messages not moving to IMAP Junk mailbox

I think I’m having the same problem.
I have 2 email accounts in Apple Mail (I don’t use SpamSieve in Outlook - Outlook’s junk filtering is already really good).
On one of my accounts, the folder shown in /Accounts/Mailbox Behaviors is “Junk E-Mail”, not “Junk”. I’ve tried moving messages to Junk - that doesn’t seem to create a “Junk” folder.
How do I track this down?
Screenshot 2023-10-05 at 10.49.14 AM

You have an IMAP account rather than a POP account. IMAP accounts don’t have this same failure mode, and the way to configure the Junk mailbox is different.

Are you having spam messages colored as spam but left in the inbox?

Do they move to Junk when you train them as spam?

Are you using the Mail plug-in or the Mail extension?

That’s fine. Is Junk E-Mail located on the mail server or under On My Mac?

It seems from the screenshot that you already have one?

"Junk E-Mai"l is on the server.