Messages processed twice in 3.0.5 on 14.5

I probably have something set up wrong, but after the update (which seems to have solved my pinwheeling/unresponsiveness issues) I’m getting double-processing. In the log, the first message has an origin of “Mail 16.0/3774.600.62 (SpamSieve extension 1.0.5)” and the second has “[mailbox] (IMAP) INBOX in Mail 16.0 (filter inboxes)”.

Could this be because I’m doing remote training? I’m using the 2022-12-27 version of Apple Mail - Remote Training.scpt, which seems to be the latest, but I did have a similar problem with a previous version.


That’s normal for good messages when using the Mail extension and the Check inboxes for new messages not sent to Mail extension option. This is explained in the Arrow Icons section of the manual.

Maybe what’s new then is getting duplicate alerts? I’m using SpamSieve’s “Play sound” and get the sound for both events. Should I turn off “Check inboxes…”?

You can probably prevent duplicate sounds by setting SpamSieve to check for new messages more frequently, like every 5 seconds. Or you could turn off the Mail extension in Mail’s settings. I’m working on a better way to prevent duplicate notifications while still enabling both types of filtering.

Okay, thanks. I’ll give that a try.