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Messages stuck in TrainGood

I just installed SpamSieve on a MacBook Pro, running High Sierra. I’m using it in a “drone” configuration, using Apple Mail.

I put a couple dozen messages in TrainGood, remotely from my personal machine, since they got erroneously labeled as spam messages. They’ve been in there for several hours now. I’ve restarted Mail, SpamSieve, and the machine in the mean time. How can I give SS a kick in the pants to cause it to notice there are messages in there to be processed?


It will process the messages in TrainGood when you receive a new message in your inbox or when you select a message and choose Message > Apply Rules. (If that doesn’t help, the drone may be encountering an error, which you can find in Console by searching for “Remote Training”.)

There is no instance of “Remote Training” in the Console messages, nor the log file. I’ve received scores of new messages into my INBOXes over the last 24 hours, yet all the messages (plus some new ones I’ve added since) I referenced yesterday are still sitting in TrainGood.

Here is the log message from one such message, just in case it is relevant (though I don’t see how):

Predicted: Spam (96)
Subject: Make this season Epic. Purchase your pass before prices go up October 7.
From: BeaverCreekNews@email.snow.com
Identifier: S6rxg1fCrQ9ntU3/mqTu8w==
Reason: P(spam)=1.000[1.000], bias=0.000, C:and(1.000), C:and(1.000), C:of(1.000), C:of(1.000), C:be(1.000), C:be(1.000), C:not(1.000), C:not(1.000), C:can(1.000), C:can(1.000), C:other(1.000), C:other(1.000), ^a-width-600(1.000), C:we(1.000), C:we(1.000)
Date: 2018-09-27 13:02:47 -0600 (MDT)

What else can I try?


OK, apparently I wasn’t patient enough. Seems there was a mismatch between an account name and the entry in the AppleScript. Fixed that, and yes, messages in TrainGood got delivered correctly.

Thanks, I appreciate your prompt response (and patience with my goof).