Messages with red flags in Apple Mail

I’m using the “Add green flag” including Inbox option temporarily as I clean up large inboxes, to guage the performance improvements. I’m seeing them, but also a lot of red flags. Doesn’t seem to indicate spam-trained or mailbox size. Is SS3 doing this, and if so, what does it indicate?

Could you post a screenshot showing what you are referring to? I don’t think SpamSieve does anything with red flags, unless you had configured a hidden preference to do that.

I have only occasionally used flags in the past, mainly to mark an email I want to deal with later (and I’m not very good at that :slightly_smiling_face:) and have nothing that would automatically flag mail, other than the SS3 setting I am now using.

They behave like the SS3 flags; if I watch mail come in, it sits unflagged for awhile, then as SS3 gets to it (recognized by watching the SS3 log) it gets flagged. Sometimes green, sometimes red. If I read the mail it turns off, as SS3 specifies, either green or red.

Actually I see at least one example where a red flag did not get turned off after reading. I read that one on a different device.

Hmm, that is strange because SpamSieve specifically only assigns green flags, and only clears flags that are green. I wonder if this is a display issue in Mail and they are actually all green. Do you still get any flags if you turn off both green flag checkboxes in SpamSieve?

Are you using the SpamSieve plug-in or extension?

Extension. MacOS Sonoma 14.0.

I turned the settings off and it looks like all flagging has stopped.

It’s not a big deal, just curious. You’ve answered my question about if the color means anything: apparently not. I plan on clearing all the flags and settings after I get enough mailbox cleanup done.