Microsoft Hotmail (outlook) Junk Folder


I get a couple hundred emails in my junk folder every day, and have dealt with it since this Microsoft server side filtering was introduced.

But I’m done! I hate it!

Reading through your guides, it seems like the best approach will be to disable the server side filtering and rely on spam sieve. Could it really be that easy? I don’t have a Mac but would happily employ one in my garage to do this tedious work for me if this is my best option.

Thank you in advance for helping me with a really annoying decades old problem!!!

Yes, you may be able to turn off the Hotmail server junk filter. Or you can set up SpamSieve to rescue good messages from the Junk mailbox.

To their credit, outlook is doing a great job keeping spam out of my inbox. My challenge is manually reviewing and deleting hundreds of messages in the junk folder. Instead of running a script to identify good messages and move them to inbox…could we do a script to identifying spam in junk folder and delete?

There are options at the top of the rescue script where you can set it to move certain colors of spam messages to the trash.

I appreciate the awesome support!
Moving emails out of this Hotmail junk folder has been part of my life for so many years, it’s hard to imagine this activity going away.

My Macbook is currently Big Sur 11.7.6

Would you recommend:

  1. Apple Mail using the Mail plug-in
  2. Upgrading MacBook to Sonoma and using Mail extension
  3. Upgrading MacBook to Sonoma and using outlook?

The rescue script will work with either #1 or #2. There’s no particular advantage to Apple Mail in Sonoma, so I would suggest #1 unless you are upgrading for another reason.