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Microsoft Office re-duplicating and duplicating new messages

HI. I recently did a clean install of Catalina. So that meant I carried out a clean install and setup of Microsoft Office and SpamSieve. (side note- this time during install I realized that in the past I had never created an “InboxSpamSieve” folder, but spamsieve always worked, or so I thought) Anyway, I’ve set things up just like before, but this time created “InboxSpamSieve” folders for each account. I use two laptops, all set up the same, I believe- the older laptop did not get a clean install of Catalina. I’m getting duplicate emails in my inbox on both computers, in both my IMAP account and my Gmail account. Like it will just keep duplicating an email, but not all of them. I’ve noticed it mostly happening in “conversations”. I logged in to the browser-based webmail and I see all of the duplicate emails there as well.

Thank You,

SpamSieve never copies any messages, but it’s possible that a bug with Outlook or the mail server is causing messages to the duplicated either due to a rule or moving the messages from InboxSpamSieve back to Inbox.

If you want, you can go back to the way you were using it before, by emptying and removing the InboxSpamSieve folders and removing the rules that move messages into them.

oh so SpamSieve can work just fine without the InboxSpamSIeve and rules, it still filters the inbox? What is the advantage do having that process?

Yes. Outlook can be very slow to list the messages in the inbox, so if you keep a lot of messages there it may freeze for a while when SpamSieve asks it whether there are any new messages to filter. Using InboxSpamSieve avoids this problem because it only ever contains the small number of new messages that haven’t been filtered yet.