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Migrate from Apple Mail to another email client?

I have setup a “drone” to process incoming spam and it’s working well, hovering around 98.1% correct.

If I migrate to a different email client (I’m considering outlook 2016), what would I need to do in order to preserve my SpamSieve history and have SpamSieve work just as well with Outlook?

Well, the drone setup doesn’t work with Outlook 2016. But for regular filtering you can freely switch between different e-mail clients, and all the training and history will be automatically preserved.

The drone is a MacMini. If I leave Apple mail running on the drone (since it’s already configured with SpamSieve), how would that work if I then installed Outlook (or any other client) on my MacBook?

Basically I want to keep things simple by letting the drone do what it now does. And do remote training from the client. So, a related question is – do all mail clients support remote training?

That’s fine. You wouldn’t need to change anything then; you’d just keep it set up for Apple Mail on the Mac mini.

Yes. You don’t have to install anything to do remote training.