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Migrating EagleFiler database to fresh install on new Mac

My current Mac has files from 15 years of Migration Assistant transfers. When I get a new desktop M2 Mac (hopefully in the fall?) I want to eliminate leftover files from long-deleted apps and Intel-based cruft.

What are best practices to migrate my EagleFile files to a new machine with a new EagleFiler install?

It’s no different than with other files on your Mac. If you don’t wish to transfer the files automatically with Migration Assistant, you could use a USB drive or iCloud Drive or file sharing to move your EagleFiler library folders to the new Mac. You may also want to transfer your EagleFiler preferences, stationery, and other files.

Thanks Michael. I have an Applications > EagleFiler Data folder with files like a decent-zied me.library (updated today), so clearly that’s where my files are.

Looking at your links for prefs/etc, at /Users//Library/Application Support/EagleFiler/ I have a number of empty folders (Stationery, Capture Receipts, App Store Receipts) and the only two files are Aliases to my me.eflibrary located in the StartUp Items folder and Open Libraries folder (both inside /Application Support/EagleFiler).

I assume that moving those would be useless because the alias links would break, right?

Also, in /Users//Library/Preferences/ I have two .plist files:

com.c-command.EagleFiler.eftexttool (last modified in 2016!) and
com.c-command.EagleFiler (modified today)

I assume I only need to copy the latter, yes?

Probably. The Startup Items should be easy to recreate in any case. The Open Libraries are managed by EagleFiler, anyway.

Yes, there’s no need to copy the preferences for the tools.