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Migrating from Yojimbo with tags

I have been using Yojimbo for a while, but want to migrate to Eagle Filer (mainly because of you allow hierarchical folders). I have 1000+ files all nicely tagged in Yojimbo. They import to EF fine, but they lose their tags. Is there any way to move my data from Yojimbo to EF while keeping the tags? (Otherwise its quite a few hours work retagging).

Sorry if someone’s already asked this.


If you use the capture key (F1) to import the selected items from Yojimbo, EagleFiler will preserve the tags and comments.

Pressing F1 1000 times is not exactly an elegant solution, but it’s certainly a great deal easier than retagging my database. Thanks very much, and for the speedy response.


So I pressed F1 and got the following error message;

"EagleFiler encountered an AppleScript error while trying to capture from Yojimbo.
Can’t make “1.4.2” into type real. (line 3) "

I’m running EF 1.1.6 and Yojimbo 1.4.2. Any ideas?


Well, you can select more than one item at a time and then press F1 once to capture them all. (It might not be a good idea to do all 1,000 at once, though.)

Sorry, there’s a bug in Eaglefiler 1.1.6 that makes the capture not work with Yojimbo 1.4.2. This will be fixed in the next version, but you can work around the problem by putting the attached file in the folder:

~/Library/Application Support/EagleFiler/Capture Scripts/

and then relaunching EagleFiler.

Thanks Michael, that works fine. Good sevice. Great app. Craig

The improved Yojimbo capture script is built into EagleFiler 1.2.