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Migration tips, please!


Just took delivery on a new Mac Mini (finally!). I plan to migrate my mail server to the new computer in the near future. I use SpamSieve on that machine in drone mode to support me and my family.

I would like to know what challenges, if any, I may encounter during that migration. Specifically, other than attending carefully to configuration details, what advice or instructions can you share about how I should plan to migrate successfully to the new machine?



It should all just work if you use Migration Assistant to transfer everything. You will probably need to choose “Install Apple Mail Plug-In” afterwards, and then it will let you know of any further steps (e.g. in the Security preferences).

New Macbook Pro Clean Install

I want to migrate my SpamSieve “settings” to my new MacbookPro. But I am doing a clean install, not using migration assistant. What do I need to do to accomplish this?


Please see this page.