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Minimum Permissions Required?

upon doing an OS upgrade and subsequent upgrade to SpamSieve, it requested permissions that seemed very wide ranging.

is there a reason it is requesting permissions that are so extensive (including to time machine)?

secondarily, is it possible to limit the scope of permissions to the bare minimum needed to function?


SpamSieve is designed to only request the minimum permissions needed. For example, it does not request access to Apple Mail’s data if you are using a different mail client. However, if you are using Mail, SpamSieve does need access to Mail’s data. The way macOS is currently designed, there is a single permission called Full Disk Access that encompasses Mail, Safari, and Time Machine. It’s not possible to grant one without the others.

Does it collect any data from contact files or other sources than the related mail files? The concern being if any data is being collected for resale.


If you have Use macOS Contacts checked, SpamSieve will read the addresses of your contacts in order to help decide whether the messages are spam. This is controlled by the Contacts privacy setting in System Preferences. SpamSieve does not store this data anywhere. SpamSieve does not transmit any personal information back to us, and no data is ever sold. There is more information in the privacy policy.