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Minor glitch

Spamsieve has been working great since the upgrade to 2.7.7 but I noticed an oddball result today. My wife, whose address is in my address book and sends me email every day, had one of her emails routed to my spam folder. We get a lot of Chinese spam which I dutifully mark as spam, but her mail today contained a reference to China and included a pasted quote that had a few Chinese characters in it.

I assume the Chinese characters alerted Spamsieve that it was probably spam but shouldn’t her email address trump the Chinese characters?

I did do the upgrade to 2.8.4 after visiting the forum.

The address book trumps everything except if you had trained that (exact) message as spam. The possibilities I see here are:

  1. Use Mac OS X Address Book is not checked in the preferences.
  2. The sender address of that message is not in the Mac OS X address book.
  3. The sender address is on your
    address book card, and you have SpamSieve set to stop spam from your own address.
  4. The message was moved to the spam folder by software other than SpamSieve. In this case, there would be no “Predicted: Spam” entry for it in the log.

My bad. I should have stated that I use Entourage 2008.

1 and 2:

Her address is in Entourage’s address book - in fact it’s the default Send To address, and the Entourage address book and Mac OSX address book are both checked in SS’s prefs tho’ I don’t use Mac OSX address book.

3: She’s not on my OSX card or on my Entourage address book “page.”

4: I don’t use any other software for spam except whatever junk filter Entourage uses. It’s never caught her mails before - maybe it used the Chinese characters as a flag - tho’ I doubt that since I got a lot of those spams until I trained SS to catch them.

I’ve been a long time SS user and just never saw this behavior before, which is why I posted about it. Unless it happens again, I’ll just chalk the reason up to “unknown”.

Do you have Entourage set up to sync with the Mac OS X address book? If not, you need to click the Load button to get SpamSieve to read in Entourage’s address book.

Maybe that was it, tho’ I assumed simply checking the Use Entourage address book preference would have done that automatically. Maybe the Load button should have some kind of indicator that it has been done or not.

It has to be done each time you add to your Entourage address book. This is a legacy feature from before Entourage offered the option to sync with the system address book.